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206 Main Street S, Karlstad, MN 56732                218-436-2000
                      Daily Special Evening Special                              
spdate Special evedate Eve Special
2014-12-20 Sat Spaghetti Dinner2015-01-07 WedPork Chops
2014-12-21 Sun Turkey Dinner2015-01-08 Thur3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli
2014-12-22 Mon Meatloaf Dinner2015-01-09 FridayPierogis with Smoked Sausage
and Cabbage
2014-12-23 Tues Fish Dinner2015-01-10 SatChef's Choice
2014-12-24 Wed Baked Chicken Dinner2015-01-13 TuesMeat Loaf Dinner
2014-12-26 Friday Salisbury Steak2015-01-14 WedPork Chops
2014-12-27 Sat Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich2015-01-15 Thur3 Cheese Spinach Ravioli
2014-12-28 Sun Roast Beef2015-01-16 FridayPierogis with Smoked Sausage
and Cabbage